What choices do you make?
Judging and Comparing others

Thank you God

-Karthik Gurumurthy

Thank you God for all your blessings, starting with wonderful parents, teachers, brother , wife, friends and family.

God, who art the maker of the stars,
And of the earth, and all that's in between,
We praise thy name for all thy works,
And for thy love that never ends.

Thou art the one who gives us life,
And who sustains us day by day.
We thank thee for thy many blessings,
And for thy grace that sets us free.

We pray that thou wouldst guide our steps,
And that thou wouldst help us to do thy will.
We ask that thou wouldst bless our loved ones,
And that thou wouldst protect us from harm.

We know that thou art always with us,
And that thou wilt never leave us.
We trust in thee, and we love thee,
And we praise thy name forevermore


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