Are you growing?
Happiness is within you

8 vital steps towards your goals

-Karthik Gurumurthy


Visualize. One of the most timeless laws of success holds that all things are created twice: first on the picture screen of one’s imagination and then in reality. Those people that create rich, fulfilling lives regularly flex their imaginations and visualize a better future. By constantly holding that vision in their mind’s eye and taking action to make it a reality, they overcome their circumstances and create the life of their dreams.

Create a “Success Mastermind”. Just as five fingers can achieve more than one, getting together with a group of like minded achievers and pooling your knowledge and success strategies will bring you to your goals much faster. Set a time every week and meet with your success mastermind. Share your goals and dreams. Support each other. Encourage each other. Celebrate even the smallest of successes as you advance confidently towards a better life.

Love Failure. Failure is the highway to success. Every successful person has faced endless failures and encountered adversity. However, rather than giving up and moving on to another easier pursuit, they persisted. They believed in themselves and in the importance of what they were doing. They had the wisdom to know that failure is an essential teacher. From failure, we grow wise. Failure teaches us how to win. Without failure, there would be no success.

Get a Coach. The Law of Duplication says that if you do the same things that someone else did, in the same way that they did them, you are certain to get the same results in your life. Whether you are trying to build a great business or grow a great family, get a mentor. Find someone who has been there, done that.” Why reinvent the wheel? Use your mentors’ own experiences to shorten your learning curve. Learn from their mistakes and let their pasts serve you. On top on this, you can read self-improvement books wherein you learn more about yourself and you build the muscle of mental toughness to achieve the success you are shooting for.

Play the Numbers. Success is a numbers game. Smart salespeople will tell you that the average sale is closed on the fifth try and yet most people give up after the first. Similarly, the more times you try to succeed, the closer you get to success. The more times you ask for something, the greater the probability that you will get it. Take more chances, seize more opportunities and take more action. Just as the farmer who plants more seeds reaps a richer harvest, you will attract much more success into your own life.

Work Hard. Successful people will tell you that the harder they work, the luckier they get. In this age of the quick fix, where people buy creams to slim their thighs and pop pills to lose weight, one timeless truth remains, hard work always produces its just rewards. No undertaking can ever be successful without patience and hard work. Have the character strength to put in the effort required to reach your dreams. Remember, the harder you are on yourself, the easier life will be on you.

Have Written Goals. Goals that are not written down are impotent. By writing out your goals, they become embedded on your subconscious mind and crystallized in your consciousness. Write out your goals on 3X5 cards and post them next to your bed, on your bathroom mirror, on the dashboard in your car and next to your computer at the office. Never lose sight of your goals. Never let the busyness of the everyday allow you to forget about your life goals. By thinking about them constantly and acting on them daily, you will steadily create the brilliant life you know in your heart you deserve.

Master Your Moods. Just as you are not your thoughts, you are not your moods. Effective people don’t let their moods get in the way of their progress. If they feel tired, they keep on working. If they feel disappointed, they laugh it off and keep chasing the dream. If they grow fearful, they act on their fear. By overcoming their moods, the liberate their inner power and grow stronger by the day.



You both look very lively in this photo. You particulalry look very handsome. Where is the junior?

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