The 4 promises of Forgiveness
Four traits of people who impact our lives

Antigossip Pact

In 1752, a group of Methodist men, including John Wesley, signed a covenant that each man agreed to hang on the wall of his study. The articles of this solemn agreement were as follows:

  • That we will not listen or willingly inquire after ill concerning one another;
  • That, if we do hear any ill of each other, we will not be forward to believe it;
  • That as soon as possible we will communicate what we hear by speaking or writing to the person concerned.
  • That until we have done this, we will not write or speak a syllable of it to any other person;
  • That neither will we mention it, after we have done this, to any other person.
  • That we will not make any exception to any of these rules unless we think ourselves absolutely obliged in conference.


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