Responsibility brings power
Sing your own song

Good manners

-Karthik Gurumurthy

Sometimes, even educated people behave in unnatural ways in petty matters and appear cheap in the eyes of others. To avoid such embarrassing situations, it is better to observe the following
12 do's and don'ts.

1. Never read the letters of even your closest relatives, friends, and family members like brothers/sisters. If you read their letters, they will thinks that you lack manners.
2. Never show interest in others peoples' personal matters and don't read their personal diaries.
3. Never see the SMSs in peoples' cellphones. Never peruse through the contents of other people's wallets.
4. Don't see their albums, unless they want/tell you to see them and do not pass comments about the album's nature and external appearance.
5. Switch off the cellphones or keep them in silent mode when you are attending official meetings, cultural programs and also during dinner parties in the presence of guests.
6. Whenever guests come over, open the door, invite them politely, and walk behind them (not before them) and make them seated comfortably.

7. Whenever you visit your friend's house, carry some fruits, sweets, biscuits or chocolates, etc. for the family.
8. Whenever you take help from others, express your gratitude by saying words like, "thanks," etc. They will form a good impression about you. Give tips to waiters in hotels or restaurants.
9. During parties or in functions take the food items along with the guests (not alone) and also it is good to serve each other and drink together. It is a good social behavior.
10. While taking coffee, tea or cool drinks in the office, always keep the files on your left side (not on the right side).
11. A simple smile on your face costs nothing but fetches big dividends.
12. Whenever anybody visits your home, usually they bring something for you and your children. Reciprocate in the same manner.
The golden word is: "Mannerisms makes a man, good manners make a good man".
"Give respect and take respect" is a good slogan and keep it in your mind, wherever you go and whatever your profession and position may be.


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