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Determination, Persistence

I just attended the FED in Richmond, VA last weekend. Got a chance to listen to Praveen and Madhu..Their story is all about determination and persistence.

I realized after listening to the stories, goal is what gets you started towards the journey in the direction of your dreams. In the end determination is what carries you towards your goals. If man has walked on the Moon or is going to land on Mars tomorrow, it is the power of determination which takes him where he wants to go. Without determination we cannot make progress. Life being so difficult, with so many twists and turns that seem to be out of our control, we cannot hold on to our dear hopes and aspirations without this valuable talent holding us firmly committed to our goals.

Determination thrives if there is faith and hope, faith in your abilities and talents and your capacity to deal with problems as they arise in the absence of certainty and no guarantees. One may not may not have hope in the future, in things that are not under one's control, but one should have hope in one's abilities and skills to meet with any challenges. Hope is the rudder and faith is the fuel, that keep the boat of determination floating in the sea of life.

If there is one gift that you can give to yourself to achieve success in life, it is the power of determination. Without it you remain a passive spectator in the drama of your life.

If you have the determination to undertake a particular course of action, to achieve a particular dream, to attain a particular status or position of honor or prestige in your life, nothing can stop you and nothing can deter you.

Impediments may come and delay your progress, may disturb you temporarily, may even lead you astray for some time, but they cannot withstand the sustained pressure and energy of strong determination, the power that you generate within yourself to hold on tenaciously to the course of action you have chosen and to your cherished goals.

This is one of the most valuable assets you can have in your life. If you have this, you will have every thing you want in your life. You are successful or unsuccessful to the extent you are determined and committed to your goals.

The human mind can do anything it wants to, but only if it has the unwavering strength of determination, of the certitude to reach the goal it has chosen for itself, of the freedom of choice it exercises in deciding the kind of life it wants to pursue.

With faith in God and confidence in yourself, and with strong determination, you can achieve the impossible, realize the most difficult dreams and achieve incredible success in your life.

Remember this formula, write it down some where in your house or place of work, in your note book or diary, in your memory, or in your computer :

Success = Idea + Determination.

Idea - Determination = Wishful thinking, fantasy, a waste of time and valuable resources.

Take up a project or goal only if you are sure that you have the will and the energy to go ahead with your plans, whatever may be the difficulties, obstacles, and complications in your path.

When a strong mind and a strong character join hands with the power of determination, who can stop such a powerful juggernaut in this world, who can push back such a self assured and determined army of thoughts marching in unison, singing the song of victory ?

So why not start now with the determination to have a strong determination ?


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