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Work on your People Skills Everyday

-Karthik Gurumurthy

Today I got a chance to attend the training by Rao and Vanitha Pokuru. The presentation was phenomenal and more than that, I got a lot of nuggets from the training. Vanitha talked about importance of growing ourselves internally on a consistent basis and having a united home team. Rao talked about having the innocence and excitement of a rookie and keeping the innocence all the time with the expectation to win every single time. He also insisted about the importance of people skills books for people who are moving on fast track. He had emphasized that the rate of growth of the business is directly proportional to the consistent action habits and how much one works on their people skills.

The things which they talked about are the most important but the mostly forgotten ones. I strive to read people skills books on a consistent basis. Few of the things which I got after reading today were as follows:

* Use people's names

* Look at them in the eye and show them you care

* Say please and thank you

* Listen a thousand times more than you speak (only a slight exaggeration)

* Be on-time

* Keep your promises

* Be more concerned about helping than selling (people can sniff sincerity a mile away)

* Be passionate about your products and services so that passion gets transferred.

* Be better than anyone else in your field at what you do (so read up on the product, learn daily, develop yourself/skills and always be improving)

* Treat your customers like they are visiting royalty.

Simple strategies. But remember: what separates the best from the rest is their consistent adherence to a few simple best practices that over time evolve into spectacular results. And also remember, everyone is selling something.


sumathy Parthsarthy


I heard thru' afriend of mine that you hold prayer sessions. CAn I know more about that.

Thanks Sumathy

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