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Invisible Fences

-Karthik Gurumurthy

I'm sitting here at Barnes and Noble waiting for my student. I am currently reading Dr. John C. Maxwell "Winning with People"

After reading couple of chapters, I thought about why we play small. Why we avoid change. Why we don't innovate. Why we refuse to accept the call on our lives. To be remarkable. My answer: Invisible Fences.

Here's what I'm talking about: I took a drive out to Laguna Beach earlier today. To breathe. To renew. To think. I saw a sign in my students house about some kind of Invisible Fence. I guess it's some system that sets an invisible boundary that the dog can't get past. The dog eventually becomes conditioned so that even when that fence is gone, it will not run beyond it. The dog sets up imaginary limits that determine its reality. We're like that too.

We adopt negative beliefs and false assumptions and sabotaging fears from the world around us as we grow up. These become our Invisible Fences. We think they are real. When we bump up against them at work (and in life), we retreat. We believe the boundary is true. So we shrink from all we are meant to be/do/have. The illusion seems so vivid. But it's not. Please remember that.

So today, question your Invisible Fences. Bring some awareness to them. Challenge them. Pin them down. So that when one confronts you, rather than running away from you, you exercise the force of will and talent of heart to run through it. Get the job done..See you at the top.


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