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Shake it off and Step up

-Karthik Gurumurthy.

Yesterday I got a chance to do yoga and it was reinvigorating and I was amazed at the quality of the workout - talk about total body!

The instructor Betsy insisted on shaking it off after we do any kind of stretch or position. When she said "Shake it off", it reminded me of the story Bill Hawkins narrated in the recent leadership CD.

"A donkey fell into a well. The farmer came along and really had no way of helping him. He decided that he would just bury him.

He started shoveling. At first you could hear the donkey screaming, then nothing. It was amazing. The farmer and his friends would throw dirt on him, he would shake it off and then step up. Everyone saw this and started putting more dirt. He would shake off the dirt and step up. Eventually he just stepped out of the once empty & dry well."

Life will throw dirt at you... you can be sure of that. SHAKE IT OFF and STEP UP. Use those obstacles as stepping stones.


Brian Buck

This is such an awesome post. It is amazing how the power of perspective works! I just discovered your site and it looks awesome so far!

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