Important Questions
Shake it off and Step up

What is your burning desire?

-Karthik Gurumurthy

I try to write journal everyday about what I learnt that day! I read once a great quote that says...

"If your life is worth living it's worth recording." - Tony Robbins

I take some time in the morning to reflect on my day gone and the day that is about to happen. I ask myself a series of questions so as to push myself to reflect and keep me on my life path.

One question that I asked yesterday to myself is "What's holding me back?". What are the obstacles that are keeping me from living the absolute perfect life that I have envisioned for myself. In my answer I discovered that the main challenge I had was staying 100% focused on every aspect of my life. What I needed to find was a reason to have laser like vision that will keep me on track.

What is it though? Is it the need to have lots of money? The need to have lots of material items? The need to spend more time with the family back home? The need to have power, be in a high position? After I really thought about it, I closed my book and found it. There on the inside cover was one of my favorite pictures of my family.

If making the best life for my future children, creating abundance for them and become a father that they can look up to with unwavering pride isn't enough then I am in trouble.

I have found my purpose, I have a reason to fire up the laser! What is yours? What is holding you back and what do you need to do to stay on track. Find that reason that makes you excited, that gives you that feeling in the pit of your stomach! Do it now. Every day wasted is simply another day that could have been a building block in your ulitmate life!

Today's picture is my passion... well at least taking care of them is the first and foremost thing for me.


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