Be Growth conscious
Law of Sowing and Reaping

25 Success pointers

-Karthik Gurumurthy

Happy New Year to you.
Karthik...What are you talking about?
It is already end of February..Why did I say that?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Whatever changes you want to is the day you can start making those adjustments.

As we continue to begin a New Year, I thought I would give you a copy of some information that recently came across my desk. I do not know the original source of it, otherwise I would be more than happy to site it. But, I thought you would enjoy having a copy of this to give you some guidance for this coming year.

1. Integrity in everything.
2. Have specific pre-determined goals.
3. Have a plan to attain these goals - with deadlines.
4. Work hard - always.
5. Be enthusiastic in your work, for work is merely a state of mind.
6. Give more than you take.
7. Always say "Thank You" and mean it.
8. Treat customers with respect and show appreciation.
9. Do not assume anything.
10. Set a high level of standards for yourself - it is contagious.
11. Lead by example, not words.
12. Treat employees with respect and show appreciation.
13. Do not make excuses - give results.
14. If you are wrong, admit it.
15. Really, REALLY care about people.
16. Look neat and professional at all times.
17. Do not take short cuts.
18. Look for the correct way, not the easy way.
19. Have a thirst for knowledge and new ideas.
20. Always try to "better your best."
21. Never, NEVER give up - have guts and hang tough.
22. There is always a better way to do a better job..find it.
23. Find out what your real talents are and then use them.
24. Do not let money, greed or power control you.
25. Stop sometimes to "smell the roses."

Act as though it were impossible to fail!
Have a great week!



This was a great post to read before I started work this week! All points are great but here are the three that stood out to me initially:

Integrity in everything.
Be enthusiastic in your work, for work is merely a state of mind.
Set a high level of standards for yourself - it is contagious.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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