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-Karthik Gurumurthy

Just read an article today about Michael Phelps the multi gold medallist in the last Olympics. It seems that he was photographed at a party, smoking… drugs. Ok, I know it’s not a big deal, an elite athlete, millionaire now, what’s a little puff between friends. I can tell you how BIG of a deal it is. He has now lost over 2 million dollars in corporate endorsements, with many more looking at contracts with a fine tooth comb… for a way out of their relationship.

I googled Michael Phelps today and found over 26,000 images relating to the story, 1,370,000 web links and a new Facebook group. What we do every day, in an instant can ruin a lifetime of hard work.  What we do in today’s world is and can be placed on the internet so quickly that, like a tattoo, it can be hard to remove.

Take time today to reflect and  think about what you say, do, how you act, who you associate with, where you find yourself and what situation you put yourself in. If you know that something you are going to do could cause you possible ramifications then maybe you should just say no… Think twice act once, it may cost you more then 2,000,000 dollars. Here’s a great question to ask yourself… “Is what I am about to do going to make me, my family, my current or future kids proud?” If not, maybe reconsider!

"What you are, speak so loud I cannot hear a thing you say."-Brad Duncan


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