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-Karthik Gurumurthy

The smallest of actions is so much greater than the biggest of intentions. Leadership is all about making great things happen. About getting great things done. About the translation of beautiful ideas into brilliant results.

We live in an interesting world. Too much overpromise and underdelivery. But world-class leaders are different. Remarkably so.

They talk less. And do more. They are masterful at execution. They are acutely focused. On creating value. On what's most important. On birthing their best into the world.



I am really proud of you., Thought provoking article Striving
towards excellance has given substance for somany and comments
frommany makes me very happy. All the best

Everything Counts

The thing that makes goal setting both exciting and important is the results achieved because of it. But the ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice ourselves to become the person it takes to achieve them, for what we become is so much more important than the goal itself.

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