Your Mission

Art of Listening

by Karthik Gurumurthy

Listening makes people feel special. Listening shows respect. Listening allows you to gather the data that will improve everything you do. Last weekend in San Jose,  I got a chance to be around NFL- football player Marshall Johnson who used to play for Baltimore Colts about 30 years ago. I have not seen any person who is so down-to-earth and listens to every word you say. I felt like million bucks just staying around him. I guess what I'm suggesting to you is that brilliant performers are brilliant listeners.
Today, just for a day, make the decision to listen carefully. Don't interrupt. Don't rehearse your answer while the other person is speaking. And don't even dare to check your email or search for text messages while another human being is sharing their words. Just listen. Just hear. Just be there for that person.

Everyone has a voice. And we all crave to be heard. Just watch the great things that unfold when you do that.


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