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Discovering your purpose is exciting and obviously life transforming. Once you understand that you were uniquely engineered for excellence to be just who you are, then it would make sense that you would have a specific purpose. Think about it, what object has ever been uniquely designed and produced without purpose in mind for it? The aeroplanes was designed and produced to help people travel faster, farther and with more comfort. The cell phone was designed and produced to increase our ability to communicate. Soap operas, I've been informed, was designed and producing tears in eyes. Just kidding...:)

But, you get the point. Everything was designed and produced for a specific purpose and often, such as my last example, it may have related and surprisingly additional purposes to its original primary intent. The bottom line is that nothing was designed and produced without value and a purpose. Most importantly is that you grasp your value and purpose.

Each of us was indeed designed and created for a specific purpose and to fulfil a specific assignment or calling. We all have an emotional guidance system that tells us what we truly want but fear often gets in the way. You have your own inner GPS system that directs you to your true calling in life.Combined, it is often referred to as your Life Purpose. Consequently, your Life's Mission is to find, pursue, and fulfil your Life Purpose. The success of your life, therefore, will be directly related to the success of your mission.


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