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Pursue your passion

by Karthik Gurumurthy

How do you pursue your goals? All of us are passionate about something which are very close to our heart.The question is how do you tap into that kind of passionate pursuit in life? Consider the following:

1. Follow your passions and discover your true purpose in life. There is no way you will fully throw your heart into something if it doesn't align with a core passion. The more meaningful something is to you, the more your heart comes alive. Are you doing something you are passionate about? Can you really get your heart into it? If so, dig deeper into it. If not, let your heart lead you to your passions and talents.

2. Decide to give your personal best. Most people have a habit of giving a good effort or even a great effort, but not necessarily their personal best effort. For example, reach up as high as you can straight into the air while you read this post. Go ahead...no one is looking...reach up as high as you can. Okay. Are your arms up? Keep them in the air... Now, at the end of this sentence, I want you to do something...raise them a little higher!

Could you do it? I bet you could. So how was it that after you raised your arms as high as you could into the air, you were still able to lift them a little higher? I guess originally they really weren't as high as you could. So many of us live life that way. We think we are doing the very best we can until we are put to the test and suddenly we realize that we can do more. Decide to create a new habit that your best effort truly means giving your personal best.

3. Live by your heart, not your head. Your heart may say, "Go!" but your head says, "No!" Your head is quick to remind you of why you shouldn't do something. It will share past failures with you. It will speak limitations to you. It will rationalize any and all perspectives to keep you from proceeding. However, follow your heart.

Your heart is who you are. Intuitively, you know that. For example, take your finger and point at yourself. Again, go ahead no one is looking. (Besides, if they were looking, they already watched you raise your arms into the air.) So, point at yourself. Now look at your figure. Where is it pointing? It is pointing at your heart, isn't it? It's most likely not pointing at your head.

4. Accept the pain of the process. Anything worth achieving is worth struggling for. Accept the fact that there will be struggles, pain and strong desires to back down in your pursuit. Don't do it. Don't give in or give up. Keep moving.

One of my favorite words comes from NFL football player Tracey Eaton who played for the Atlanta Falcons. Once when interviewed, he was asked how he accomplished despite being injured all over the place. His response was simple yet profound: "Whatever happens I just attempt to keep my legs moving. As long as my legs are pumping then I can still move forward."

Similarly, when I participated in the OC Marathon, one of the people who ran with me said, "Whatever you do during the race just keep moving forward. Even if it is slow, you will be surprised how the miles will add up."

Discomfort will arrive in your quest for accomplishment. However, the key is not to back down when that pain arrives but rather embrace it and push through it! Remember, "The pain of the process is temporary, but the thrill of the victory is forever."

5. Listen to a mentor who sees more in you than even you can. We are all "shortsighted" when it comes to seeing our own potential. Find someone who can guide you that sees who you can become rather than just who you are currently. Since we tend to live up to or down to the expectations others have of us, this step is essential. When you can see you through the eyes of a mentor, the person you see will enlarge. Feed on their vision and limit the value of your own sight.

Make your life one that inspires others. Put a blindfold over your eyes and mind and seek to live life at it's best by tapping into the passion of your heart.


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