Attitude of Gratitude


- Karthik Gurumurthy

One of the main areas of  today's reading is about Affirmation or self talk.

The power of words - to shape the way you feel. And to form your reality. Use world-class words and you'll get closer to your world-class life.

Successful entrepreneur gave instance of the guy who was chatting with his mentor. Mentor asked him how he was doing. Like he just got an arrow through the heart with a victim mentality came the answer," I do not have enough money.  Classic Victimspeak: "I do not have this."

The entrepreneur  said,  "No matter what life sends us - from a raging customer to a heartbreaking disappointment to depressing financial situation, we are responsible". Yup. We are. We can own our reaction. We can own what we do with the situation. We can be bitter or show up better. Tons of choices. Starting with our words.



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