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Your Why?

by Karthik Gurumurthy

Sometimes I find it hard to write a blog. I really feel that I need to write something that has a real point, one that will make my readers and myself think.

I have attended lots of business conferences and have seen lot of people succeed and I have noticed the common denominator in all of them. It really hit me… there is one single GIANT idea that makes it all work… having a reason. You need to find your reason.

I would like to call these Life Altering Goals. These are such great goals that once you decide and commit to them it makes getting there simple. If you know what you want, if you know how bad you want it, then nothing, and I mean nothing will stand in your path.

Once you announce this reason even to yourself (preferably written down) you become more aware of it and more passionate about getting there. You can either achieve a life of significance by having a reason or a why to make your reason happen!

I have a strong reason… I actually have about four of them flying high right now. !

Here is your question for the day...

What are your life altering goals? What are your reasons for accomplishing them?


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