Story of Three Dolls
How to make 2010 the best year?

Happy New Year 2010

Wishing you all a very Happy Peaceful Prosperous New Year 2010.

 2010  2010NewYear

My Prayer for You

I pray that...

...your eyes see goodness in all people and all things. feel love toward every living creature.
...gratitude fills your heart and every thought and all your conversations.
...your positive attitude is infectious, even contagious.
...your smile makes happy all hearts surrounding you.
...your joyful spirit fills the emptiness of others.

I pray that...

...your words are kind and your actions kinder.
...compassion is at the core of all you do.
...seeds of forgiveness find fertile ground upon which to flower.
...your generosity touches those next to you and reaches those you may never meet.
...patience prevails.

I pray that... are blessed with absolute clarity of mind, and precious purpose.
...the fuel of passion burns ever so brightly in every task you undertake.
...courage and caution strike an even more perfect balance in your life.
...integrity and excellence are at the forefront of all your works.
...humility becomes the foundation of your every accomplishment. ask for, and receive the Divine Inspiration that is duly yours.

I pray that...

...the breezes of peace and serenity fill your sails for the remainder of your journey.
...the light that is You burns as a bright beacon to illuminate all that is right, and just.
...your heart and hands will always be busy building a better world.

May your body, spirit and soul ~ dance, laugh and sing!

--Rick Beneteau-


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