Nuggets from Rose
Nuggets from "Eat that Frog" by Brian Tracy

Measure of Success

-Karthik Gurumurthy


Why does life throw challenges and crisis at us, like the crisis we have all been dealing with for the last year with the recession and all?

Because that is the only way we will change. It is the only way we will rid ourselves of evil, bad habits, greed, ego and the wrong priorities.  It’s human nature wanting to stay the course, not to rock the boat, and usually the only way we will change is if we are forced into it by some outside influence, i.e. financial crisis,  illness, catastrophe.  We have to look at the challenges as an opportunity and as a way to re-prioritize what is important.

What has happened with most people last year is they are consumed, by what has been taken away and not focused on being thankful for what they have and the opportunities of tomorrow.  Step back for a moment – the reason things get taken away, the reason life throws us challenges and crisis is because it is the only way we will wake up and quit overlooking those things which are really most important in life – our family, our friends, our health, our spirituality, balance, etc.  Challenge and crisis gets thrown at us because it is the only thing that will slap us in the face hard enough to get our attention. Think back in our life to a time of crisis – yes we may have lost something. There may have been a scare in our life of some kind, and with that crisis a door opened. A new person appeared when you looked in the mirror, usually a better person, a more thankful person, a more humble person, a more caring person, and a person with better priorities.

In every crisis and in every challenge there is an opportunity. We just have to find it.  But, until we let go of the pain and anger of what we have lost, and focus on all that we have which is really most important, the agony will not stop.  And, once we do focus on what we have, life will be even better than it was before. This week and beyond, let us all make a commitment EVERYDAY to give thanks and be grateful for everything and everyone we have in our life.   If we can do this on a day-to-day basis, not only will the pain stop, but life will be better and we will be more at peace than ever before.

Remember, life is about who we become and how we grow when faced with challenge, with crisis, and with pain.  It is what life is all about. It is why we are here.  So let us step back and look in the mirror, who are we becoming?


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