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Nuggets from "9 things a Leader must do"

-Karthik Gurumurthy


I am currently reading the book "9 things a Leader must do" by Dr. Henry Cloud. The book is a must-read for everyone. Leading organizations is one thing, but the first person to lead is leading oneself. This book has lot of small stories which illustrates the point. One of the things which caught my attention after today's reading was what the author mentioned about how to be a successful leader. 

The author said,  "To be a successful leader, you many not keep everyone around you happy. In fact, if you are successful in any arena of life, you are guaranteed to tick some people off! When all people speak well of you, it means that you are duplicitious and a people-pleaser. You cannot speak the truth, live out good values, and choose your own direction without disappointing some people.

The key is not to count your critics, but instead to weigh them. Forget the popularity polls. Don't try to avoid upsetting people; just make sure you are upsetting the right ones. If kind, loving, responsible and honest people are upset with you, then you had better look at the choices you are making. But if controlling, hot and cold, irresponsible, or manipulative people are upset with you, then take courage it might be a sign that you are doing the right thing and becoming a deja vu leader!"

So true isn't it! It resonates well with what Bill Cosby said " He who pleases all pleases none".


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