Characteristics of Great leaders
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- Karthik Gurumurthy

Most people would rather work on their personality than on their character. Personality development brings more immediate rewards, is less rewarding and, in most cases, involves little sacrifice on our part. Personality development involves learning new conversational skills, style or  developing a speaking ability.

Character development often involves making changes that are at least temporarily uncomfortable and often very demanding. The development of good virtues requires more times because it means we must discipline some of our appetities and passions. Keeping promises and being sensitive to the feelings and convictions of others are not things that most of us do naturally. We have to work at them.  Development of character is the best indicator of maturity.

It is true that it is difficult to develop character than personality and and rewards are not as immediate. However, the long-term rewards are infinitely greater. In today's world, the need for character and leadership outweighs the need for more people with better personality. The good news is, when you develop the character, the personality develops far more easily and naturally.



Personality is the wrapping but character is the core...It doesnt matter how well the food is presented but its good only if it tastes good...Likewise it doesnt matter what personality one has but what matters is the character (= values + integrrity)

If my husband were to comment, he wud say Personality is the gift wrap but character is the Present :-)

Karthik Gurumurthy

Great analogy Meena about food presentation and how it tastes. I will try to remember it and use it. Thanks for sharing.

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