Simple Strategies for Spectacular Performance
Reference Points

5 Questions to ask ourselves

-Karthik Gurumurthy

1. Know: What do you know? What are you most confident and certain about? If you had to share the most important lessons you’ve learned with someone you are mentoring, what would you tell them?

2. Sow: What do you sow (actions and investments) that create the biggest payoff? What are you regularly doing that creates the most success and fulfillment for you?

3. Tow:Are there things you tow–baggage from the past–that you need to let go of? What do you need to quit, release or overcome in your life?

4. Grow:How do you grow? What is your program for ongoing personal and professional development?

5. Owe: Who do you owe? Make a phone call or write a letter to express gratitude to those who have counseled and encouraged you in your journey.



5 questions that indeed get you THINKING...As regards debts I owe, there are some which can NEVER be Re-paid.

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