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Are you really listening?

Feed the flame

-Karthik  Gurumurthy

Success doesn’t come to the most intelligent/gifted/strong. The world is filled with geniuses who did zero with their talent. So no. Sustained success comes to the person with the biggest fire inside of them. Burning desire, unreasonable passion and massive beliefs in the importance of one’s dreams are what creates genuine leaders. And people who reach their mountaintops.

You can make the decision right now to upgrade every area and element of your life. From health to wealth. From relationships to career. It’s all yours for the taking. This can be the time you turn it all around and take it to a whole new level of wow.

So find your fire. Look in the mirror. Remember who you are. And all that you’ve dreamed of being. And then act. And when you get knocked down or discouraged or afraid. Get back up. Light up the fire. And stoke it until it blazes.



Talking about people who have reached mountaintops...Read about George Mallory in Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer...It talks about a man who had an intense desire of scaling Mount Everest. Its a story which inspires and shows you where passion and fire can take ONE....Ofcourse, it all didnt end up very well for Him(George Maoolory) but he is still a LEGEND in my eyes

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