Power of Association Part -1
Story of Appreciation

Power of Association Part -II

-Karthik Gurumurthy

Continuing on power of association, I found an interesting article from Journal of Computational Biology about Obesity which was published last week.

Alison Hill, a graduate student at Harvard and the Harvard-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Division of Health Sciences and Technology, said the study is based on the idea that obesity can spread like an infectious disease and people can catch it from their friends.

In short, says the study, the more obese people you have contact with, the more obese you are likely to become.

Researchers admit they’re not sure why that is.

Wouldn’t it make sense that we are partly a function of our environment, and that what our friends do influences what we do?

If that is true, consider what else might be infectious:

Success. Napoleon Hill famously recommended being part of a mastermind alliance of like-minded people committed to success.

Character. I would like to quote what Meena commented "Man is judged by the company he consorts."

Energy.  I’ve found I can catch energy from my colleagues and vice-versa.

Are you infectious? What are others catching from you…and you from them?


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