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What will you do differently today?

-Mark Sanborn

Will you replicate yesterday (not such a bad thing if you had a good day before) or will you do something differently?

To do the same things the same way every day time suggests two things:

First, it suggests we’re so good at what we do there is no way we could get better. You and I both know that isn’t true. No matter how good anyone becomes, there is always room for improvement. Nobody has to improve, but the opportunity to pursue improvement is one of life’s greatest adventures.

Secondly, it suggests we simply don’t want to change or get better. I accept that not everyone wants to improve in every or even any area of his or her life. That is a personal choice. But the happiest people I know are always looking for ways to improve their lot in life and to help others get more out of life as well.

Any program of improvement or change begins with the same simple question: what will you do differently today?