Realistic expectations
Nobel Prize award Chemistry-2012

Reevaluation of your priorities

-Karthik Gurumurthy

We fine-tune our lives choice by choice, much the same way a harpist plucks at the strings of the harp to create beautiful music. He has to select the right strings, at the right time, to create grace in the sound. In our life, we have to choose the right strings to pluck. We do this by reevaluating what is currently important. Life is an ever-flowing river. Events and circumstances are in flux; they come and go. 

We  should be flexible in our priorities. Have Plan B in place when Plan A isn't appropriate.  Rigidly planning events you can't control only leads to frustration and disappointment.

We should question our priorities regularly, asking ourselves what really makes sense now. The past can shed some  light on our direction, but the path we're on may be entirely different from the one that was appropriate for us five or ten years ago. When we're honest with ourselves, we may find that many of us were brainwashed into certain belief systems that are no longer true for us. In order to have strong personal convictions we have to brave enough to change our life around. We do this by reevaluating our priorities.

Many of the cells in our body are new after a few days or several years. I remember few months back being  in a state of shock when Dad was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. If someone you love has a health crisis, you quickly readjust your priorities. There is a chain reaction among all things because of their interconnection. We should certainly set up our lives  in a pleasant manner, thinking and planning ahead, but being open and receptive to what is real now. Be willing to give up old patterns, old familiar ways of being, in order to open up to a new way of seeing your life, with fresh beginnings that bring great meaning. 

Every choice you make is a going to have a ripple effect of consequences. All of life is paradoxical. Be ready, at any moment, to make fresh, bold choices that will enable you to make the most good of whatever happens. Things will always be different. We replace one thing with another. Flow with the currents of the river of life, living peacefully and happily with growth and change as you deepen your sense of satisfaction and appreciation of all our privileges.


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