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Agile Transformation

Connecting the dots

-Karthik Gurumurthy

One day an illiterate man came to Mullah Nasruddin with a letter he had received.  "Mullah Nasruddin, please read this letter to me. "

Mullah Nasruddin looked at the letter, but could not make out a single word. So he told the man.
"I am sorry, but I cannot read this."

The man cried: "Shame on you Mullah Nasruddin ! You must be ashamed before the turban you wear (i.e. the sign of education). "

Mullah Nasruddin removed the turban from his own head and placed it on the head of the illiterate man, said:"Now you wear the turban. If it gives some knowledge, read the letter yourself".

As silly as it sounds, lot of times somebody throws me a question and if I do not answer it, they immediately say something like, "You have been in US for so long, how come you don't know the answer." If we connect the wrong dots, we get wrong inference.


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