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Meetings, Meetings and meetings

-Karthik Gurumurthy

Meetings, meetings and some more..Most of the times, I feel like if I attend so many meetings, when will I actually have the time to do real work?

How do we solve this?

To reduce the number of meetings you’re going to, let’s talk first about a framework for deciding which meetings you’re going to go to and which ones you’re going to skip. Then, we’ll talk about how to gracefully convey your decisions on when you’re in and when you’re out.

Remember the word DAI. The D stands for Decision, A stands for Advice, I stands for Inform. Bottlenecks occur when there is a lack of clarity or agreement about who has the decision-making authority, who is simply being consulted for advice and who is not involved in either of those but simply needs to be informed. You can also use DAI as a filter to determine which meetings you really need to be in and which ones you don’t:

  • If you have decision making authority and a decision needs to be made, you need to be in the meeting.
  • If you’re a designated source of advice and the purpose of the meeting is to frame the parameters of the decision and you have a stake in the outcome, you probably need to be there. An alternative to being there would be to designate a trusted teammember  to represent your point of view.
  • If you’re neither the decision maker or an advice giver, but justneed to be informed of the outcome, you probably don’t need to be there; you just need to make sure you get the download after the decision is made.

Time is a valuable commodity and this will help you save lot of it and not only help you be efficient but effective.