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September 2019

Indistractable: Book review

-Karthik Gurumurthy

Indistractable has been one of the most fantastic books I’ve read this month. I’m thrilled to share a review of this wonderful book.


Like me, if you have innumerable ideas you struggle to bring to life, then this book could be incredibly helpful.

Here’s why.

Nir Eyal’s deep and detailed understanding of why we’re distracted makes it easy to address distraction. It helps normalize it as a human tendency versus a flaw that we need to work on.

He explains with patience, dexterity and research how distraction is not a technology issue rather it’s about how we’re wired as human beings.

Nir generously offers simple, practical and effective tools to manage distractions. These tools helped me create spaciousness and improve my productivity. The solutions he offers are sustainable.

I have been able to break unhealthy habits and develop more nourishing ones. That has helped me prioritize what matters to me in life and work.

It's helped reduce the sense of guilt, self-blame and failure that comes with distraction.

The piece on kids’ overuse of technology is fantastic. The best part is that most of it applies to adults too.

Through the book, he shares powerful, convincing and actionable methods to cope with distraction in the modern world. That makes this book delightfully practical to apply and experience shifts.

Like that he’s sincere and amazingly earnest with the knowledge he shares. His knowledge comes from deep and wide research, not only his lived experience.

Most of what he shares in this book was fresh and new to me.

If you’re keen on reducing distractions and focusing on your dreams, this one is a great pick!