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Happy Birthday, MSD!

-Karthik Gurumurthy

From Ranchi's heart, a legend did arise,

With gloves and willow, fire in his eyes.

M.S. Dhoni, Captain Cool they'd say,

Calm in the storm, leading the way.


Flick of the wrist, a six soared high,

Hope rekindled, beneath the summer sky.

Helicopter shot, a defiant roar,

Pressure defused, asking for more.


Behind the stumps, a keen mind at play,

Reading the game, each ball the prey.

Lightning throws, a blur in the air,

Wickets claimed, with a nonchalant flair.


Captaining India, with a quiet grace,

World Cups won, etching his place.

Under his helm, heroes were made,

A team transformed, their doubts all laid.


From humble beginnings, a giant he grew,

Inspiring millions, dreams coming true.

More than just runs, or wickets taken,

A leader, a mentor, a spirit unshaken.


Through cheers and boos, he held his ground,

Never a showman, never a sound.

His presence, a talisman, strong and true,

The heartbeat of cricket, in blue and white hue.


So raise a glass, to the man in yellow,

For MS Dhoni, a story to tell.

His legend etched in every score,

Forever remembered, forevermore.


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