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Plagiarism-Everything you need to know

-Karthik Gurumurthy

About three decades back, I was fortunate to work on a research project at IGCAR with Dr. KS. Viswanathan. It is one of the best eye opening period of my life. Not only I learned how to work in a laboratory and different scientific methods/tools associated with it, I learned how to take notes and Dr. KSV spent quite a bit of time emphasizing on plagiarism. Up until that point of time, I didn't think much about it but Dr. KSV made all the research scholars in the lab  understand and shared the importance of how to cite an article and make sure you give credit to the original authors. This was one of the valuable lessons that I learned from Dr. KSV and am thankful to him for taking time to share te nuggets. 

Today I read an article titled "How to avoid the twelve types of Plagiarism" by Dr. Curtis Newbold who wrote about the same and am giving the link to actual article here. I am attaching the infographic (which I think is very useful) below for your reference. I have listened to Dr. Newbold in OReilly training sessions and find his teaching very helpful and useful.




Career in Science

-Karthik Gurumurthy

This is a personal message from 2022 chemistry laureate Carolyn Bertozzi to all young researchers on why to aspire for a career in science:

”I would want to share with them how a life in science is incredibly rewarding. It is rewarding because it is creating. You are discovering knowledge and gifting that to humanity for all of prosperity. Because once you learn something no one can take that way. It is not an object. It is in intellectual currency that will be shared throughout the generations. And you created that. It has a permanency that ironically a physical object doesn’t have. You can paint a painting, but eventually it will fade. But knowledge doesn’t fade. Knowledge stays with us forever and it becomes the foundation for the next generations.”



Happy Birthday, MSD!

-Karthik Gurumurthy

From Ranchi's heart, a legend did arise,

With gloves and willow, fire in his eyes.

M.S. Dhoni, Captain Cool they'd say,

Calm in the storm, leading the way.


Flick of the wrist, a six soared high,

Hope rekindled, beneath the summer sky.

Helicopter shot, a defiant roar,

Pressure defused, asking for more.


Behind the stumps, a keen mind at play,

Reading the game, each ball the prey.

Lightning throws, a blur in the air,

Wickets claimed, with a nonchalant flair.


Captaining India, with a quiet grace,

World Cups won, etching his place.

Under his helm, heroes were made,

A team transformed, their doubts all laid.


From humble beginnings, a giant he grew,

Inspiring millions, dreams coming true.

More than just runs, or wickets taken,

A leader, a mentor, a spirit unshaken.


Through cheers and boos, he held his ground,

Never a showman, never a sound.

His presence, a talisman, strong and true,

The heartbeat of cricket, in blue and white hue.


So raise a glass, to the man in yellow,

For MS Dhoni, a story to tell.

His legend etched in every score,

Forever remembered, forevermore.

Remembering Marie Curie

-Karthik Gurumurthy

89 years back, the world lost one of the greatest scientists:: Marie Skłodowska Curie.


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Curie dedicated her life to science. She was the first woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize, the first person to be awarded twice and is still the only person to receive the prize in two different scientific fields.