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George Washington's Rules of Civility

  1. Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.
  2. Show nothing to your friend that may frighten him.
  3. In the presence of others sing not to yourself with a humming noise, nor drum with your fingers or feet.
  4. Sleep not when others speak, sit not when others stand, speak not when your should hold your peace, walk not on when others stop.
  5. Let your countenance be pleasant but in serious matters somewhat grave.
  6. Show not yourself glad at the misfortune of another through he were your enemy.
  7. Use no reproachful language against anyone, neither curse nor revile.
  8. Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be along than in bad company.
  9. Speak not injurious words neither in jest nor earnest at none although they give occasion.
  10. Think before you speak, pronounce not imperfectly nor bring out your words too hastily but orderly and distinctly.
  11. Undertake not what you cannot perform but be careful to keep your promise.
  12. Speak not evil of the absent for it is unjust.
  13. When you speak of God or his attributes, let it be seriously and with reverence.
  14. Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.

How to make each day count?

-Karthik Gurumurthy

  • Start the day with being thankful for all the stuff you have. Like my dad says, develop  an attitude of gratitude. He always starts the day thanking God for all the blessings.
  • Encourage others. When someone has a goal, most point point out the obstacles. You be the one to point out the possibilities.
  • Give sincere compliments. We all like to be remembered for our best moments.
  • Keep Growing: Walk a different path. Read something inspiring and act.
  • Give the Gift of Forgiveness: Forgiveness is a blessing for the one who forgives as well as for the one who is forgiven.
  • Take care of yourself: Exercise, eat a healthy diet,sing and dance a little bit everyday.
  • Do random acts of kindness: The most fun is when the other person doesn't know who did it.
  • Treasure relationships: Eat meals together, talk walks, listen. Share laughter and tears. Make memories.
  • Share your faith: You can wish someone joy and peace and happy things, but when you share your faith- you have wished them everything.

Leadership Glitches

-Karthik Gurumurthy

I constantly read about the leadership qualities that can take you to the top. It is good to work on those and develop those and add to your personality trait portfolio to develop a strong you. At the same time while we are moving up there are few traits which we have to watch out for and if we are not careful can bring you to the bottom. I am guilty of making some of these mistakes, some of them I have seen other people doing the same. The best way to learn is to learn from other people's mistakes. My dad always used to say, "Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make them all yourself."

Some of these mistakes may be obvious; some may be a bit more obscure. They are all critical.

  • Pride and Arrogance.The downfall of many leaders is that their early successes begin to inflate their egos. Never forget your roots, don’t think you are invincible or infallible, and don’t put yourself above anything or anyone. An ancient script says, “Pride goes before destruction,” and it behooves leaders to tattoo that on their forehead.The trappings and power of the office can give a false sense of security. It is easy to get the thinking that you are  superior to other people and institutions, and that you could do no wrong.
  • Negative Influences.There is no lack of advice in this world. Some voices offer valuable counsel that can help keep you on track. Other voices will nudge you ever so slightly until one day you wake up and find yourself way off course. Tune in to the voices of value and tune the others out.I had plenty of people surrounding me, all eager to give advice. My challenge was, sifting through the ones worth listening to, and ignoring the others. How can you tell the difference? Listen to different perspectives from divergent sets of people, and then pay attention to the still small voice inside of you. The longer you listen, the better listener and discerner you will become.
  •  Lacking Integrity.There are many things one can lack and still steer clear of danger. Integrity is not one of them. It is important to establish a set of sound ethics policies, integrate them into all business processes, communicate them broadly to people around us. We have to make it clear that we will not tolerate any deviation from any of them. Then live by them.We have to carve out time to set the “integrity agenda,” for our own edification, and then to make it clear to the organization. The important thing is, it always starts from us.
  • Majoring in Minors. There are a handful of things that are important enough to account for the greatest impact. Take a cue from Steve Jobs and get rid of the distractions. Tie your vision and strategy to the truly impactful things and execute those to the best of your ability. Lot of us try to do it all. You can’t. You will hit the wall, and so will your mission. I became mediocre at a large number of things. 
  • Lacking Values. Core values are principles without which life (or business) wouldn’t be worth living. . Establish a set of Core Values that can unite the organization, and then create resonance around them.I am now convinced that Core Values become the foundation of a well-oiled, world-class, customer friendly, ethical organization. 
  • Short-Term Focus.Lot of us are focused on short term gains.  Don’t cannibalize future results to satisfy the present. If your strategy is solid, stick to your guns, let it work, and remind everyone that you are in it for the long run.We became so obsessed with making the immediate quarter, that we severely impacted future business. As a result, we started the following quarter already behind. This continued to compound until we dug such a hole for ourselves, it was impossible to climb out.

Greatest things

Karthik Gurumurthy

  • What is greatest puzzle? Life
  • What is greatest mystery? Death
  • What is the best work? The work that you will be doing in the future
  • What is the best day? Today
  • Most ridiculous asset? Pride
  • Most important asset to have? Common sense
  • Most expensive indulgence? Hate
  •  Most disagreeable person? Complainer
  • Who is the best teacher? The one who makes you want to learn
  • Who is the greatest deceiver? The one who deceives himself.
  • Who is most bankrupt? The soul who has lost enthusiasm
  • What is the easiest, cheapest stupidest thing to do?  Finding fault in others.
  • What is the greatest comfort? The knowledge that you have done your work  well.
  • What is the meanest feeling? Being envious of another's success.
  • What is the Greatest thing in the world? Love - for family, friends and the country.

Integrity and being virtuous

-Karthik Gurumurthy

What do you mean when they say you have integrity. Integrity means you are telling the truth. Integrity means you are keeping one's promises. Integrity means taking responsibility for one's behavior.

I want to be virtuous person..According to George Washington Carver,  A virtuous person is

  • is clean both inside and outside.
  • Neither looks up to the rich or down on the poor.
  • Loses, if need be, without squealing.
  • Wins without bragging.
  • Is always considerate of women, children and old people.
  • Is too brave to lie.
  • Is too generous to cheat.
  • Takes his share of the world and lets other people have theirs.

Character of a leader

-Karthik Gurumurthy

I was browsing this amazing book "21 indispensable qualities of a leader" by John Maxwell. One chapter a day really makes you a leader if you follow that chapter & implement it. It begins with chapter 1 as character. He talks about a guy who manufactured small planes & successfully sold over 50 planes to companies. In that 50 planes he sold to, couple of planes crashed! So he asked every customer of his to ground their planes till they fix the problem.. After 2 years of investigation & zero business, he simulates the case where the planes could crash.. Now to try this he himself takes the flight & nearly crashes before he manages to escape & ground the plane. This is what the author calls as character.. He risked his life to make sure his customers are safe. That is really a test of character!

Nuggets from Eat that Frog

-Karthik Gurumurthy

I have been reading "Eat the Frog" by Brian Tracy. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who wants to work effectively..If you can commit to yourself about practicing the principles Brian talks about on a regular basis, you will definitely see great results in your work. Some words of wisdom from Brian are as follows:

  • Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.
  • Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.
  • You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile.
  • The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you. The more you help others, the more they will want to help you.
  • Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching.
  • People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.
  • Your self-confidence is directly connected to how much you feel you are making a difference in your world.
  • Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.
  • Perhaps the very best question that you can memorize and repeat, over and over, is, "What is the most valuable use of my time right now?"


-Karthik Gurumurthy

My father always tells me that it could take several years to build your reputation and yet it can be lost in few seconds. I truly believe that few things are as important as your good name. You can not put a price tag on getting your phone calls returned. And yet, so many people on the planet today suffer from short term thinking. They go for the cash grab in order to get the quick win. But, business success is all about relationship success. And that takes time. By under promising and over delivering, finishing what you start, being a great listener and delivering outrageous value for you clients, you will win their trust as well as their respect. That will promote your personal brand: your reputation. Guard your good name as one of your most cherished assets. Be impeccably honest and never do anything that will tarnish what you stand for. This will lead to a long career in business as well as a highly fulfilling life.